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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

How to Change Windows 7 Icons Manually?

Even though Windows 7 icons are designed stylish and perfect,we are bored looking at the same icons everytime.It is common for everyone to expect a change and everyone would want to keep their desktop unique and rich.Changing the wallpaper and theme alone does not bring a big change in customizing windows 7.Changing icons could really bring a significant change and your operating system would look unique as compared to your friends desktop.

Many of them think changing icon would be risky and they avoid the idea of changing icons even though they are interested.Also i am forced to bring this tutorial to this blog in connection with my previous posts.For example,in my previous post "How to Pin Computer to Windows 7 Taskbar " i have recommended to change icon to avoid confusion.So Guys ,Follow the below steps carefully :

1) I am going to change this icon(see screenshot) to a different icon.
2) Right Click on that Program Icon and you will see something like this.

3) Again Right Click on that Program name.(In my case it is 'computer')
4) Click Properties and then Click 'Change Icon'.

8) You will find a lot of icons provided by default.Apply any of the icons that you want.If you have your own icon(.ico) files then browse to your icon location to apply that icon.

9) Finally Click ok and you are done.If complete icon sets has to be changed,then click here.


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