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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Mac stack style for Windows 7

The picture above shows stack option in Mac os.This feature can also be enabled in windows 7 taskbar.

Cool Isn't it.This feature is usually used in dock applications like object dock and rocket dock.If you want to know how to enable stack feature in object dock and rocket dock,comment for it.

Follow my procedures to enable stack in windows 7 :

1 ) Download "" from here.Click here to download.
Note : This application is not designed by me.It was originally designed by Chris'n'Soft.

2 ) Extract the file to desired location.

3 ) Get into 'stackstyle' folder and double click "StandaloneStack2.exe".You will see a screen as follows.

4 ) Click New Stack which is found at the last option of left column as shown in the screenshot.

5 ) Give the stack name of your choice.Then give the desired loation of folder you wanted to stack in 'path' tab.

For example : I give Stack name as 'Internet' and desired location as following screenshot.

6 ) You have two options to view your folder contents.

  • Stack or Fan type : used when folder contains less files in it.
  • Grid type : applied when folder contains more folders.
7 ) Select "Stack" in the 'open as' tab.(since the tutorial is about how to create a stack)

8 ) Then click "create stack" option.

9 ) Now you will find that a stack has been created as shown in screenshot.(Highlighted)

10 ) Now almost Done,Click "Create Shortcut".It will ask you where you wanted to save the stack.Give your desired location.But i advice you to save it in Desktop as it is easy to find.

11 ) You will find that stack at the destination you have given recently.It will be named as "Stack (your stack name)",Stack Internet in my case.Simply drag and drop the shortcut to taskbar as you do with other applications.

12 ) Click on the stack to view your folder with a Mac stack.It appears like this for me.

13 ) You can also change the icon of this stack.There are lot more options.Please try it yourself.Any clarification,comments section is open for you.


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