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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Windows 7 shortcut tips

shortcut tips and tricks

1. Managing Your Windows.

Windows 7 simplifies document and program management by allowing you to “dock” a window or manipulate its size with one mouse manoeuvre or a simple keystroke. To dock your window on one half of the screen, drag it to the left or right and it will change its size to fit that half of the screen. To manipulate the vertical size of a window, you can drag the window to the top to maximize it, or double-click the window’s top or bottom border to maximize it vertically while keeping the same width.

You can also perform all of these functions with keystrokes:
Win+Left Arrow and Win+Right Arrow dock to half the screen
Win+Up Arrow and Win+ Down Arrow maximize and minimize
Win+Shift+Up Arrow and Win+Shift+Down Arrow maximize
and restore vertical size.
2. Multi-Monitor Window Management.
Windows 7 makes using multiple monitors as convenient as it should be. When you’re working multi-monitor, use the keyboard shortcuts Win+Shift+Left Arrow andWin+Shift+Right Arrow to move windows from one monitor to another. The rearranged window will keep its relative position to the top-left origin on the new monitor.3.
3)Project your Display with ease
Plugging in a projector and projecting your display is a snap with the Windows 7 driver display utility, displayswitch.exe. Simply hit Win+P and you’ll be rewarded with the following easy-to-navigate pop-up window:
By hitting your arrow keys (or Win+P) you can switch through multiple display settings, such as “clone”, “extend” or “external only”.
4)Live Clutter
We live with enough clutter in our lives. Windows 7 gets rid of all the superfluous windows behind your active window. Just hit Win+Home to minimize all inactive windows. To restore the windows when you’d like them, just press Win+Home again.


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