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Friday, 31 December 2010


When you've got a blog or a web site on your web particular server, you know how necessary the FTP client can be. So an FTP program is excellent. But, if you didn’t know you can also access your ftp account from the comfort of windows explorer window, just like you access folders and files as part of your windows explorer.

Step 1: Type in the ftp host name of one's webserver. (ftp. example. com) inside address bar of home windows 7 explorer and push Enter.

Step 2: After pressing Enter, it's going to prompt for Username, Password. Give them and click Log On.

Step 3: After you login you are able to access your FTP just like you access and edit files the same as in a regular folder inside windows 7 explorer.

Now you can Transfer your files and folders as you do normally in windows.


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